Retail Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is a great way to display and organize your retail products on the sales floor of your store. At the Shelving Depot, we offer these shelving displays in many heights, widths, and lengths. While working directly with our team, you will find the perfect style to perform within your floorplan.

What is a gondola shelving unit?

A gondola shelving unit is a steel display fixture designed to easily display merchandise in a retail store. Gondola shelving units are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, which allows them to be moved around the store as needed.

One of the significant benefits is that it allows retailers of any industry color and sizing capabilities. Gondola shelving units can be customized to fit a specific industry’s requirements, whether for convenience stores or pharmacies.

With this flexibility, retailers can customize the look of their store to fit the image they are trying to portray. As a result, retailers can have a more organized and clean-looking store that appeals to customers.

Double-sided display fixtures are often called an “island” with two base shelves and two vertical panels (upright). They consist of slots so shelves can be inserted into the uprights for merchandising purposes. Gondola shelving can be utilized as store aisles or point of purchase displays.




Gondola shelving options

Gondola shelving units come in many different options for retailers. The most popular are glass gondola shelving, wire gondola shelving, wood gondola shelving, and metal gondola shelving. Each has its advantages in offering retailers style and price.

Slatwall panels

Most “standard” display unit shelving features pegboard back paneling, and often, retailers match the color of the gondola shelves with the color of the pegboard to create a standardized look.

Slatwall back panels, on the other hand, instantly provide gondola shelving units with an “upscale” look, perfect for retailers who want their store to stand out from the competition. Slatwall panels come in various colors, including wood-grain finishes, which complement your shelving displays perfectly.

Gridwall displays

Gridwall displays provide a practical method to highlight your merchandise. Shelving Depot offers affordable gridwall shelving for your store if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to display your products. Many retailers prefer grid back panels because it allows for an open-spaced look.

Grid panels are also available in the slat grid, meaning the square panel has a unique shape, allowing all statwall accessories to easily fit within the slat grid unit. This is very helpful to retailers who already own slatwall and can save money on grid accessories.

Gondola on caster systems

The gondola dolly system is perfect for retailers looking for more merchandising flexibility with their gondola shelving units. These heavy-duty systems allow gondola units to sit on top and securely fasten to a steel dolly system. Retailers can then benefit from a completely mobile unit and change the layout of their store at any time quickly.

Black gondola shelving

Black gondola shelving creates a sleek, modern look in any retail space. At the Shelving Depot, we stock more black gondola fixtures than any other store fixture provider. Black gondola shelving can also be commonly found in supermarkets, liquor stores, and pet shops that have adopted the all-black look to their displays.

Store planning services

Our team has over 25 years of experience designing with store planning services. At the Shelving Depot, we also offer a wide variety of other shelving options in addition to gondola shelving. You can browse our entire selection of retail supplies online or visit our redesigned showroom.


  • Heavy-duty steel shelving units
  • Wide variety of widths, depths, and heights
  • Gondola shelves adjustable on 1″ centers
  • Displays both gondola shelves and candy shelves 

Colors: (In Stock)

  • Almond
  • Texture Black

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