Retail Gondola Shelving

Shelving Depot provides high-quality gondola shelving direct from our factory. We currently have a large stock inventory of different sizes and colors in our spacious warehouse in Linden, New Jersey.

Store designers and visual merchandisers agree that gondola store shelving offers some of the best designs for their stores. An underrated benefit of working directly with the Shelving Depot is mixing and matching the retail gondola shelving units to create a unique store layout.

What is a gondola shelving unit?

Gondola shelving is a steel shelving fixture designed for retailers to display and sell merchandise effectively. They are double-sided display fixtures often referred to as an “island” that features two base shelves and two vertical panels (upright). They feature slots so that shelves can be inserted into the uprights. Gondola shelving can be utilized as store aisles or point of purchase displays.

A gondola is a great way to maximize the number of items sold in your store. Their unique design allows for easy access, visual appeal, and fast stocking because you don’t have to remove items from the display to add items.




Great for maximizing your display space, gondola shelving allows retailers to feature various shelves combined with perforated hooks and other retail display accessories. This creates a dynamic merchandising environment designed to increase sales. In conjunction with wall unit shelving and end cap displays are perfect for complementing your gondola shelving.

Gondola shelving for sale

With a large variety of assorted sizes and colors in stock, we recommend speaking to one of our experienced store designers today. Each has over twenty years of experience. During that consultation, you will learn how to properly merchandise your store and the role our gondola shelving plays in contributing to the profitability of your business.


  • Heavy-duty steel shelving units
  • Wide variety of widths, depths, and heights
  • Gondola shelves adjustable on 1″ centers
  • Displays both gondola shelves and candy shelves 

Colors: (In Stock)

  • Almond
  • Texture Black

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