End Cap Display Shelving

End units are store fixtures featured at the end of each gondola shelving run. As customers naturally walk through your store, they’re automatically attracted to these retail displays.

Shelving Depot provides end cap display shelving for retailers of any size. Based on our relationship with our factory, we can quickly create custom end unit shelving displays that will attract your customers and ultimately increase sales for your retail business.

End unit display shelves are the ideal location where you can merchandise any featured products, things on sale, or small “impulse” purchase items. Customers are conditioned to believe products displayed on end cap items are discounted or a bargain; therefore, it’s the ideal location to display merchandise you wish to move quickly.

End caps also provide retailers with precious retail space to highlight their most profitable merchandise. Because customers are drawn to end unit shelves, these units will ensure that customers have a clear path to the products that will increase your store’s sales.


End Cap Display Shelving Features:

  • End cap units are constructed entirely of heavy-duty steel
  • Available in a variety of back panels
  • Available in 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ lengths
  • Shelves adjustable on 1″ centers
  • Available with square or rounded base shelf

End Unit Colors: (In Stock)

  • Almond
  • Texture Black

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