Increase impulse sales and enhance the overall look of your store with all-new retail merchandise fixtures from the Shelving Depot. These affordable displays are in stock in our showroom and can be picked up or delivered based on your location. 

Available in various colors that best fit your existing store fixtures, these merchandising display units ship knocked down and are very easy to install. Here are some critical reasons why increasing impulse sales is essential for your business.

– Increased revenue: Impulse purchases can account for a significant portion of your store’s revenue. According to a Point of Purchase Advertising Association study, impulse purchases account for 70% of all spending at the checkout line.

– Promotion of new products: Impulse purchases can be a great way to promote new products to customers. By placing new merchandise near the checkout line or in other high-traffic areas, retailers can increase the chances that consumers will see and purchase them.

– Increased customer satisfaction: Impulse purchases can help to increase customer satisfaction by providing customers with a sense of excitement and gratification. When customers find a great deal or discover a new product that they love, they are more likely to be satisfied with their shopping experience.


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