This is a great time to get involved in the pet industry if you are currently a pet owner or considering opening a location. An American Pet Products Association State of the Industry Report shows that pet stores sales in 2020 exceeded 100 billion dollars for the first time ever in the industry’s history.

The fastest-growing industry segment is specialty pet stores. Pet store professionals can provide guidance and assistance if you’re starting to plan for your pet supply store.

This article will discuss different pet store ideas owners can implement to increase their impulse sales.

Events at your pet store

To increase impulse sales of your retail displays, you need to get them to enter your pet supply store. Events are a great way to attract people from your neighborhood, regardless of whether or not they own pets.

Consider hosting a “Kitten Party”, where guests can enjoy free refreshments and socialize with their precious kittens. These events are sure to attract pet owners who are looking for their first pet, or people looking for a pet.

You can also host grooming and training days, or celebrate pet-related holidays and events, like National Dog Day or Puppy Awareness Week. You can offer pet owners the chance to bring their pets to the spa, regardless of whether you have a groomer or trainer on staff. To encourage pet owners to come to your store, offer coupons and treat bags as incentives. This will increase sales.

Merchandise impulse products checkout counters

Impulse merchandising uses products to encourage customers to buy unplanned items. These items can significantly increase sales. Impulse purchases can have a major impact on the profit and sales of a pet shop over the course of a single year.

Retail Sales Counters can be used to display impulse products close to cash registers, so customers don’t have long waits to pay. Impulse merchandising is a way to persuade customers not to buy as planned or to make additional purchases.

These items increase total sales by a significant amount, and impulse buys can have a major impact on a pet shop’s gross profit. This area includes small toys, candy, and gift vouchers for an independent retail pet shop.

Properly merchandise end unit displays

Many retailers believe that the most costly merchandise should be displayed on end units. Richard Kurland, the founder of Shelving Depot, believes “end caps merchandise should not contain your most expensive items. They should instead feature the highest-profit products.”

This is particularly important because retailers have a limited number of end units that can be used in their stores. Your pet store must have merchandise that helps its bottom line. End caps are great for using gondola accessories like security cases, open-end baskets, and chrome wire fencing and dividers.

Effective cross-merchandising

The best time to sell an impulse item is when customers have already made a decision. You can encourage impulse sales if the customer is already planning to buy a particular product.

Cross-merchandising is a great way to do this. Having relevant items displayed together encourages impulse shoppers to make additional purchases.

In your store, an idea effective cross-merchandising campaign would include poop bags and leashes for dogs. As anyone with a dog would be aware, everytime you take your furry little friend out of a causal walk, nature always seems to call.

Signage in-store to increase impulse sales

Physical signage is always an effective method of in-store advertising, and there are many ways to tempt customers into making that inexpensive – but profitable – last-minute purchase. A photo of a happy dog grabbing a shampoo at the checkout counter is a great eye-catcher.

We also recommend large photos above your wall unit shelving displays. This will catch your customers eyes as soon as they walk into your store. Most pet supply locations generally go 96″ or 84″ high on wall displays, allow plenty of space to add signage that will help your store standout. 

These are just a few things pet store owners can do to increase foot-traffic in their stores. With more and more ecommerce platforms filling the pet industry space, its vital for business owners to cater their offerings to the local community. If you want to learn more about our pet store displays, please contact the Shelving Depot today.