Wholesale Shelving: Retail Wall Shelving and Shelving Units

wholesales shelving units – retail wall shelves
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Creates an effective retail shelving system against any surface.
  • Available in a variety of back panels.
  • Largest variety of widths and heights for wholesale shelving.
  • Shoes and uprights are factory pre-assembled.
  • Shelves adjustable on 2" centers.

Retail Wall Shelving Features:

All retail wall shelving units listed in the shopping cart below are available directly from us, the wholesaler, and will be shipped immediately to your store from our huge inventory. Color chart colors are also available on short lead times.

Please contact us for pricing and shipping schedule. Start your purchase with Shelving Depot below. These steel shelving units, as with all our shelving products, will not have steel surcharges applied.