Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell used retail shelving?
No, at the Shelving Depot, we only provide new Handy Store Fixtures brand retail shelving products.

How long has the Shelving Depot been in business for?
Since 1989, the Shelving Depot has been the official stocking distributor of the Handy Store Fixtures brand gondola shelving.

Is shipping available?
Yes, we provide our own truck for all local deliveries. For all orders outside of our shipping capabilities, we ship via UPS for small orders and common carrier for larger orders.

What brand of gondola shelving do you provide?
We only provide new Handy Store Fixtures brand gondola shelving. Handy Store Fixtures shelving is not compatible with any other brand store fixtures.

How do I receive additional information on setting up a new business in New Jersey or New York?

Do your store fixtures come assembled? Where can I get installation instructions?
No, our retail shelving units are all shipped knocked down in order to provide our customers the lowest shipping rate possible. All Handy Store Fixtures gondola shelving is designed for easy and fast assembly. All gondolas and wall units provided by the Shelving Depot are shipped with base supports pre-bolted to the uprights to save installation time and add strength to the store fixture. Also, all gondolas, wall units, and end units come with existing welded end trims. To receive installation instructions from our factory, please click here.

How do I have a Shelving Depot Salesman contact me?
To have a Shelving Depot salesman contact you, either fill out the Contact Us form or call our customer service department at (908) 474–8000. A Sales Rep. can also be reached via e-mail at

What does a Shelving Depot gondola shelving unit consist of?
All Handy Store Fixtures brand gondola shelving provided by Shelving Depot consist of uprights, base shelves, perforated board, and all necessary hardware. All upper shelves and accessories are sold separately.

Do you have store designers on staff in your showroom?
Yes, we have three professional store designers with over 20 years of retail shelving design experience on staff in our showroom in Linden, NJ.

What other products do you provide along with Handy Store Fixtures gondola shelving?
The Shelving Depot is your once stop source for everything in your retail store. Besides offering Handy Store Fixtures shelving, we also provide slatwall, slatwall and perforated hooks, baskets, sales counters, acrylic displays, bags, and much more! For more information please call (908) 474–8000.

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